The International Association of Photography and Art of Antiparos (IAPAA) was created in 2016 to promote the visual arts on the small Greek island of Antiparos. One of the main functions of the association is to organize the annual Antiparos International Photo Festival, which is now in its eighth year.

The International Association of Photography and Art of Antiparos is a not-for-profit organization staffed by volunteers. It depends entirely on donations.

Over the years, IAPAA has gradually expanded its activities to include many other forms of the visual arts, in fact the Photo Festival itself also regularly features music and even live action art. Through the "Anti" Art Gallery in Antiparos - now home to IAPAA - the organization hosts a full programme of art exhibitions from late spring to early autumn. These range from sculpture and ceramics to painting and, of course, photography.


And, in person, this is who we are:


Hara Sklika

 A professional photographer, Hara is the  President of IAPAA. Hara has participated in several photography exhibitions and has had her work published in multiple Greek and international media.

Mary -crop.jpg

Mary Chatzaki

Mary has been living on Antiparos since 2002 and has been curator of the island’s “Anti” Art Gallery since 2011. An amateur photographer and member of The Photography Circle in Athens, Mary is a co-founder and Treasurer of IAPAA.


Konstantina Skiada

A native of Antiparos, Konstantina is a graduate of Vakalo Art & Design College and coordinator at the “Anti” Art Gallery in Antiparos. She is currently Secretary General of IAPAA.


Mary Fotinaki

Educated as a geologist, Mary Fotinaki considers a day successful only if she has taken at least one good photograph. She is currently a member of the board of IAPAA. 


George Kavallis

A resident of Paros, George is a photographer, designer and real estate advisor. He is a member of  the Paros Photography Club and Vice President of IAPAA. George’s work has been featured in several solo and group photography exhibitions.


Yannis Bagourdas

Born and currently living in Athens, following 15 years in the UK for studies and employment, Yannis is an amateur photographer and a member of The Photography Circle. His involvement with IAPAA started in 2013 as a co-founder and latterly as a member.

David B&W.jpg

David Frazer Wray

A writer and amateur photographer, David is a co-founder of IAPAA and currently Artistic Director and Special Secretary.

Now you know who we are, let's see what we do.