IAPAA makes art happen...

on a small Greek island.

Art happens at the interface of idea and execution. It takes an immense effort to create, but it's an even bigger challenge to get to an audience. Particularly when you are just starting.

IAPAA is committed to providing artists with an accessible way of doing that. We make it possible for creative people to show their work in an international context, shoulder to shoulder with established artists. The only criterion that we insist on is excellence. 

Although IAPAA is a small non-profit organization, with limited exhibition space, it punches far above its weight. Since the first Antiparos International Photo Festival started in 2013, we have attracted a steadily increasing amount of media attention, both in Greece and abroad. And that can get new artists onto a world stage.

Here is our programme for 2020:



Equally important to IAPAA is its mission to enrich the cultural life of Antiparos and the surrounding Aegean islands. The Antiparos International Photo Festival has already grown into a prestige event with international recognition, and occupies a prominent place on the island's cultural calendar. It has also inspired similar events in other communities.​

Here are a few examples of cultural initiatives organized and promoted by IAPAA in recent months:

The Antiparos International Photo Festival 2019 - The theme was "The Sea". Guest of Honour was "Kapetaneika", a regatta for traditional wooden boats held annually on Paros. After the festival, the entire exhibition moved to the Bomb Shelter of Adamas on the island of Milos, where it continued until September.


"Pride" - IAPAA produced a documentary by Nikos Mpougioukas and Sofoklis Dionisopoulos and presented by Verna McGeachin about art created in the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos.

"The People of Despotiko" - IAPAA produced this photobook by Mary Chatzaki depicting the archaeological work carried out on the island of Despotiko, south of Antiparos. The book was presented with a photo exhibition at the Hellenic American Union in Athens and the Consulate General of Greece in New York. (ISBN-13: 9789602043936)

people pic.jpg

"Faranji" is a self-published photobook by IAPAA's president Hara Sklika and contains images and text documenting her stay in Ethiopia. A book presentation and photography exhibition were hosted by IAPAA in August 2020 in the Kastro of Antiparos​ (ISBN (Greek edition) 978-618-00-1930-8 / ISBN (English edition) 978-618-00-1931-5)